Easily Recognizable Italian Car Manufacturer Logos

Ferrari Logo

There are many iconic car brands in the world, but few are as instantly recognizable as those from Italy. Names like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati conjure up images of high-end sports cars that can go toe-to-toe with the best that Germany or Japan have to offer. While these brands are all known … Read more

What is the history of the Hollywood sign?

What is the history of the Hollywood sign

Arguably the world’s most iconic sign, nothing can match the glitter and glamor symbolized by the renowned Hollywood sign and its nine white bold letters overlooking Los Angeles, California. Yet, its original purpose wasn’t actually to denote fame and fortune from the film industry but was rather erected as an outdoor real … Read more

Interesting History of Singer Logo

A Singer treadle sewing machine

When it comes to the best sewing machine brands, Singer is what comes to mind. What began as I. M. Singer & Co. in 1851, is Singer Corporation today. Over the years, not only has the brand continuously improved and evolved its products but also the logos to represent growth.  Today, the … Read more