Cultural Impact of the Philippine-American War

American Teachers Memorial, a special plot inside the Manila North Cemetery

Despite the scars that the foreign forces have inflicted on the people of the Philippine Islands, they have no doubt sown the seeds of their cultures in the humble soils of the archipelago – seeds that have now grown even to define the Filipino culture as we know today. The Spanish rule … Read more

The Oldest Company in the World

The Oldest Company in the World

Ever wondered what’s the oldest running company in the world? In business schools, students are taught that most businesses last only less than two decades. An American company only lasts 50 years in the last century, and just 15 years today. However, there are more than 21,000 Japanese companies that have surpassed … Read more

Sites to Find Free WordPress Templates

WordPress layout for businesses

Many business owners use WordPress to create their company’s website, as WordPress is often regarded as the easiest to use and the most convenient to edit and upgrade out of all content management systems available online. In addition to having an easy-to-use UI (user interface), WordPress also allows third-party templates if you … Read more